What Good Is A Pindick?


There you are. You think you’re a hot, sexy, accomplished lover, but you’re really just a pindick. You picked up some young hottie at the local singles bar, and headed back to her place.

Some kissing and heavy petting on the couch, and she is ready to go, then you drop your drawers, and she just stares and giggles. “Where is it?” she asks, or maybe, “Is that as big as it gets?” And the most cutting remark she says is “What good is that nub?”


I Understand Though – You Have A Pindick


Unfortunately, many women, especially those that are used to getting as much cock, in whatever size that they want just have no imagination. It’s simply much easier for them to laugh, tell you you’re a pindicked loser, and send you on your way.

There is more cock in the sea, so to speak. They just don’t realize that with a bit of effort, they can find a lot of pleasure in your pindick. Well, not in your pindick, but in you as a pindick.


The Typical Female Reaction To A Pindick


First, they can go all mean girl on you, and tease you endlessly about how small you really are. Some guys really get off on that. First, they can go all mean girl on you, and tease you endlessly about how small you really are. Some guys really get off on that, and they’ll do just about anything to prove to that cockteasing bitch that they do have some value.

The humiliation of being teased, of being made to feel worthless, of having to prove they can be a benefit to her is what gets them off. Oh, that and the kinky things she’ll make him do. Like what you ask?


Let’s Start With Cuckolding


As mentioned in one of the other posts here on the site, small dicked men makes great cuckolds. If they’ve accepted their size limitation, then they know their teeny little weinie is never going to satisfy their Mistress/Girlfriend/Wife, and they know she needs a much bigger cock to bring her pleasure.

They’re also ready to make sure that those big, thick, throbbing cocks are ready for their lady’s pleasure. Many pencil dicks are more than happy to be fluffers, to suck cock and make sure that Bull’s dick is hard and ready to service their Cuckoldress.


Maybe Cuckolding Isn’t What She Wants From Her Pindick


Perhaps your relationship isn’t about sex, and there are other aspects of you that she likes, so she’s willing to accept your pindick limitations. While your mouth may not be a working cock, you’d better work on your oral skills nonetheless, because that’s where you’re going to satisfy her sexual needs.

I’ve had a number of guys with micro-penises that I haven’t cuckolded, but you can be sure I taught them how to eat pussy like a lesbian! I’ve also made sure to teach them how to properly worship my body and use their hands and fingers.


What Might Your Pindick Be Good For?


If your lady really wants to try anal sex, you dick might be just the right size! I know a few woman who are size queens, but they’d never think of taking one of their lover’s monster cocks in their back door.

So, they’ve found a guy with a micro-penis to try it out with. Just think, a pindick might actually get you what most men consider the Holy Grail!

So, do not despair my size challenged friend. Find that right Mistress, and she’ll make use of you!