Small Dick Men Make Great Cuckolds


Small Dick Men Make Great Cuckolds


This isn’t the first time you’ve noticed that you’re not quite up to par so I’m sure you’ve heard this before: small dick men make great cuckolds! You’ve gotten a reminder of that every time you’ve pulled your pants down in front of a gorgeous woman only to have her laugh at your “almost” four inches, haven’t you?

The fact of the matter is that you have a pindick. Not a cock, not a nice, hard rod to pounce on- and certainly not the extra four inches you’ll need to hit a woman’s G-Spot just right with every single thrust. Only a little, tiny pindick hanging between your legs.


The Truth Hurts so Good


I know it hurts to hear the truth- but we both know it hurts so good. You wouldn’t be standing at your misfortunate version of full attention now if it didn’t! You know you’re a little dicked loser, and you’ve finally gotten your hands out of your pants long enough to figure out if you can do something about that.

I can start by telling you that it’s not going to get any bigger, but that doesn’t mean you’re entirely out of luck- when there’s a will, there’s a way! After all- you are still a man, so I’d expect you to at least have the balls to want to please any woman who gives you the time of day. Your excuse of a dick simply isn’t capable of that- but I know you’re man enough to become a willing cuckold, aren’t you?


Little Dicked Men Make Great Cuckolds


Becoming a cuckold is the answer you’ve been looking for all along. Being a lesser endowed man sure comes with its share of problems- you have to pinch your “cock” rather than stroke it; you habitually masturbate due to how infrequently you get laid; and you still somehow manage to cum in a matter of moments- every single time. It’s not your fault. Of course you’re a quick trigger when even feeling a woman’s wetness wrapped around you is nothing more than a clip out of your wildest dreams these days.

The problem is that you can’t even manage to stay hard long enough to learn how to please a woman in other ways. Before your fingertips can tickle her pussy just right- before your tongue has a chance to taste her delicious salty sweetness- you’ve already blown your load down to the last drop!

You don’t need a heartless bitch who simply laughs at you and moves on with her life- you need a middle ground. There are women in the world who can sympathize with you, and I happen to be one of them. What you need, dear, is a Cuckoldress.


You Can’t Please Her, but He Can


Some women have incredibly powerful sex drives- and the sad fact is that your cock just isn’t going to be enough to get it done for her. Once the object of your affection realizes that, you know there’s only one way she’ll find you pleasing enough to keep you in her life- or her bedroom.

If you have the hots for her, you know that she has lots of other men in her life hoping to get into her pants, and most of them have much bigger dicks than yours. Here’s the good news- it often takes more than just a nice cock to please a kinky woman who’s well aware of her sexual prowess, and that’s where you come in.

Fucking another man in front of you is incredibly hot. It is quite the thrill to know that with every squeak of the mattress, and with every bounce of my gorgeous tits- your dicklet is going to throb for me even harder! The only thing hotter than knowing just how much a woman loves having her pussy pleasured and fucked just right is knowing that she’s getting even more turned on having you wrapped around her finger- hearing every moan and watching every orgasmic thrust as your desire grows for her.

You’ll learn lots of delicious lessons by becoming my cuckold; starting with the lesson that the lady always comes first. Instead of hopelessly stroking all by yourself and wishing you had a gorgeous woman to put you in your place- you’ll hear all about how good my lovers nice, thick cock is while you get your first taste of true self-restraint.

You’ll get the control you’ve always needed, the humiliation you’ve always craved . . . and once I’ve come so hard that my muscles quiver and my toes go numb- I might just let you stroke to the most powerful orgasm you had since the last time a woman was sweet enough to give you a pity fuck!


Being a Cuckold Has Its Perks


Becoming a cuckold means that you finally have hope for impressing a woman. Your tiny dick will never be talented enough to make me come; but manning up enough to watch me get fucked by a stud certainly earns you a few points. Instead of simply being a little dicked loser, you can become a loyal and incredibly pleasing cuckold who I’ll enjoy teasing quite often.

There won’t be a day that goes by that you won’t be reminded of what an adorable excuse for a cock you have- but the day just might come where you’ll earn the privilege of teasing my pussy before I sink down on my lovers cock, or even sucking on my pretty, pink nipples while he fucks me.

The reason you were endowed with a pindick is because you were always meant to be cuckolded by a woman who knows what you’re good for, and uses that knowledge to her full advantage. Don’t settle for being a little dicked loser- become a little dicked cuckold instead!


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