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Hey there little guy!

Oh, I'm not referring to your height! Ha!

It is so amazing to me how some of the biggest hunks have the smallest pindicks!

Maybe they just look that much smaller against a much larger background?

Yeah, that must be it. You're a big strapping guy, over 6 foot and 240 lbs! Even 9 inches would look small against such a large frame, right? Hahahaha, um NO. Try again, pindick!

Look, actually I feel for you. You can't help it. It's not like they have dick augmentation, like breast enlargement. Or even dickplasty like vaginoplasty. The surgery's out there don't help much. Maybe 1/2 an inch, and most are not satisfied. So what's a small fella like you to do?

Let's face it. Regardless if you are five foot or six feet tall, a 4" penis just isn't going to do it for anyone, not even you, huh? How many hours do you look at porn, guys masturbating, and when their fist is wrapped firmly around the base, they still have some left over that sticks out the top? Stroking it is certainly the term for these guys. But you? Your pindick disappears in your hand doesn't it? When you masturbate with your fist, it's really more like just pumping your hand vagina, right? No long deep strokes happening there, eh? For a nice stroke you'll have to lose a finger, or three!

Yeah, I get it. It's disappointing for me too.

Want me to spend ten minutes calling you small dick names, pointing laughing? Sure. I would be happy to!

But maybe you'd like something else. Maybe, you want to try and imagine life with a normal sized cock? Affirmations, a bit of prosthetic help and maybe you'll like your new lot in life! Resolute to pumping away inside of a prosthetic cock, as it pumps away at your GF. Finally you are able to fill her, but wee willy will never come close to feeling those first two inches (HA!) of her pussy ever again!

Still, some may want to learn other ways you can please your lady. Doing a lot of house chores might do it. Subscribing to the dildo of the month club, ha ha ha! Maybe some fun masturbation games, we can play "which is smaller" Which is smaller, your dick or that gherkin? Which is smaller, your dick or......... ha ha ha! Come on, we'll figure it out together!