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It must be rough watching other men turn into confident studs who bag babes left and right. Of course, you try to make up for it the best you can. Good job, nice car, money in the strive for these things! But it must get exhausting to pretend that you could somehow make up for your less-than-impressive mini-dick. If you could just keep a girlfriend, you'd make her so happy. Wave a little money around and some girls will come running. But they're cheating on you almost instantly and then you're dumped again!

Late night porn and you're keeping the lube companies in business. The few girls that have seen you naked laughed in your face and told their friends. You're a social reject and rubbing your sad, stubby nub is the highlight of your days and nights. Sound familiar? Hey, you'll never please a woman the way you dream of doing, but that doesn't mean you can't make yourself useful. It just so happens that I love training desperate, sex-starved pindicks like you.

Maybe I'll make you beg to touch that little dick that's the source of all your trouble. I can teach you how to eat pussy like a pro, since that's going to be the only way you can hope to hear a woman cum. Lean a little to the bi side? No problem. I'll train you to surrender to a woman that takes charge better than you ever could. Bondage, strap-on and layers of delicious teasing and fantasy await you when Mistress Amber runs the show.

You may have a pindick, but you can still have a purpose. Let's just see how hard you work to please a woman that you could only dream of tasting!