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In My travels, I've learned that men tend to lie about four things: Their height, their salary, how many women they've been with, and, you guessed it, the size of their cock.

When they lie about cock size, they usually fudge by about half an inch, so when you ring Me up and I ask you what you measure, I'll automatically deduct that half-inch from what you say. You may be used to lying to yourself, but I will embrace rigorous honesty for both of O/ur sakes, and for the sake of the women you may encounter in your life outside of Femdom phone sex, until I can coerce you into accepting and advocating for the truth yourself.

Why do the women outside of O/ur fantasies matter? Because I bet you're a liar in another way-a liar by omission. Anytime you've flirted with a woman, accepted her number, taken her on a date, made out with her, secured her interest in more, and maybe even started a relationship with her without admitting from the start that you are a pindick who will not be able to satisfy any woman who truly enjoys fucking, you are lying to her. You are taking advantage of the fact that women are socialized to protect the male ego, to be less shallow than men are, to be nurturers who will tell you they're willing to work with what you've got, or that there are more important things than cock size. And you know it.

I already resent you, and W/e haven't even met yet.

I'm here to bring you to the light of truth. I'm here to be your confessional, and to help you do penance for all the lies you've told. I will do whatever I have to do in order to break you of the delusion that your cock is "average" or that "size doesn't matter", and then, W/e will discuss the types of sex for which someone who is practically neutered is suited, and believe Me, none of them involve you climbing on top of a woman and wallowing around ineffectually as you've likely been doing so far.