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Face it, you have a small cock. You have gotten the giggles. You have heard "Oh, I think it's cute!" or "It's okay, it's not that small," or even the dreaded "Is that as big as it gets?"

Maybe you have tried to make up for it with your digital skills, or you have become a cunning linguist, or even a maestro with the Magic Wand. You have just had to accept that one basic fact that you are a pindick, and you will never be able to satisfy a woman with that small thing!

Now there are two ways we can go about dealing with your little problem. The classic way is small penis humiliation for you. I can spend hours telling you how pathetically small that penis is, how disappointing it must be when you get a sexy lady home and you drop your drawers and get her reaction!

Does she just spin on her heel and leave, disappointed? Does she point and laugh? Maybe she calls up one of her hung lovers and makes you a cuckold right there on the spot. If that mouth of yours is good for eating pussy, it is good for sucking cock too!

Of course, we could try something different. Small penis appreciation is what I like to call it. How would you like to be told you have the perfect cock for anal? Now, do NOT misunderstand me! Ms. Delia does NOT like it up the ass, but some women do. Even with a small penis, there are ways you can satisfy a woman, especially a cocktease like me.

Go ahead, pick up the phone and call me for either some small penis humiliation, or some small penis appreciation. Either way, it is still and will always be tiny!