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Hey, pindick!

I am soooo glad I am a woman because I cannot have a little pinnie like you have. Well, if I was a guy, mine would be huge, because I'm a true and total Goddess.

But let?s get back to your weeble. Could it be any smaller? Do ya think???

This is what you hear most often:

- Where is it?
- Is it in yet?
- I can't feel it.
- Did it fall out?
- What is that poking me?

My big boyfriend never hears those words, *chuckle*. Oh yeah, I bet those balls of yours are pretty tiny too. Maybe like golf balls, or perhaps that's too generous. Maybe like grapes? Are your balls tiny like grapes? Seedless, of course *giggle*.

I love to see pictures of pinkdicks like yours. And I love to compare a nice teeny weenie next to a real cock, a true penis, about 10 inches is the ideal size. Let?s hold them next to each other, shall we? It can't be! His cock is twice as big as yours. Maybe more!

Your little pindick could never measure up, so cute and tiny and I love to watch you play with it. It's easy, right? You need two fingers, maybe three, and just a drop of lubrication. Unlike a real cock that requires two hands and a long strip of oil.

Your pindick is low maintenance, why does it require so much stroking?

Teeny tiny, it's soooo small, it's soooo small!!!