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Pindick and Small Penis Humiliation Erotica


Indeed, what can you do with that little, tiny pindick of yours? Ms. Christine says, “A Lot!” Even though it just may not be what you had in mind. Nevertheless, continue reading What good is a Pindick?

Can small penis humiliation be sensual after all? Mistress Marilyn explains the oft-overlooked sensual side of small penis humiliation.

Do you have a tiny little dicklet? Ms. Marilyn explains why, as a result, small dicked men make great cuckolds.

Ms. Christine says about 99% of our tiny dick pets know they have a small cock, and they know they deserve to be teased and humiliated about it. With that in mind, here are 45 things you need to hear about your Pindick.


Are You Ready For Humiliation With Your Teeny-tiny Pindick?


You know your tiny little pindick doesn’t measure up. Not even close. No matter how hard you try. So why do you even try?

Instead of always comparing yourself, always measuring and wishing it’d just grow, you’ve finally realized the only way to get attention from a beautiful woman is to admit your, um… shall we say, shortcomings? Or short cummings.

The only course a tiny dick man can take is to learn to enjoy being humiliated for it. After all, that little nubbin is never going to please a woman, so why bother trying? Why not learn to enjoy the laughter and teasing for your tiny member, since that’s what’s going to happen anyway? 

You might as well embrace it. The sooner you realize that, the happier you will be! Give one of our SPH Mistresses a call, today!