Can Small Penis Humiliation Be Sensual?


Hello there, unfortunate one. Are you wondering whether SPH can be sensual? You’ve probably stumbled into my neck of the woods after realizing for the thousandth time that you’ve had to pinch your wood, rather than stroke it, haven’t you?

Some men with tiny dicks just love their humiliation as thick as a group of giggling girls can layer it on. Or as thick as a Woman like me likes her cocks 😉 The fact is that something as hot to explore as small penis humiliation can’t be fit into a teensy little box the size of your weenie.

For many men, this fetish isn’t about having their ego ripped to shreds. It’s about the subtle innuendos about size that they overhear as ladies chat amongst themselves.  Or your girlfriend sweetly telling you that you don’t quite measure up.


Penis Humiliation Has a Sensual Side


Small Penis Humiliation is such a fun fetish to explore. There’s just something undeniably sexy about that blush in your cheeks and that timid look in your eyes once you hear how women really feel about your size;)  Some men need hardcore degradation, and get quite the rush from the humiliating fact that they will never please, and from women calling them a worthless, little dicked loser.  However, if that sounds way too hardcore for you, then take a deep breath. It’s ok! A sweetie like you doesn’t have to be hardcore.

Simply having a small penis doesn’t automatically make you a loser. I happen to know more than a few small dicked men who have hearts much bigger than their cocks, and are too much fun to playfully tease. The truth is that a lot of lesser endowed men are total sweethearts whose fantasies tend to be sweet, sexy, and sensual rather than deviously cruel.

Perhaps you’ve imagined that hot girl, who doesn’t give you the time of day, catching you masturbating. Only to teasingly coerce you into moving your hand away so she can see just how teeny-tiny that willy is! Or maybe you’ve imagined your gorgeous girlfriend turning you into her little dicked Cuckold.  So she can finally get the pleasure she deserves. And then drive you wild with the details of every single thrust.

Women Just Know


The thing about having a pindick . . . is that women know. It’s a bit tough to deny the chemistry behind it. The fact that the smaller your cock is, the higher pitched your voice tends to be. Or the timid look you have in your eyes when you approach a woman.  Even though you’re trying to hide your shortcomings behind a confident step and a nice tie. We have you figured out, Shy Guy. And your blushing face makes it impossible to argue.

See, women like me just love to seduce men like you. You’re sweet, aching for a woman’s touch. And you’re so horny you can’t even see straight. You’d do just about anything for that touch, and I damn well know it;) That’s why you’re going to show me that cock.  And that’s why you’re going to try to convince me that your “almost” five inches is a ride worth taking. While I giggle at you sweetly and assure you that I’d never, ever tell my friends about it . . . .


Sensual SPH: It’s All About Power


As a Mistress with a quite colorful repertoire, I can honestly say that I have just as much fun being a hardcore Bitch with a whip as I do relaxing into my sensual side for a whimsical, playful humiliation scene (though that’s Mistress Bitch to you). Why?

Because my first and foremost turn-on is Power. No matter how sensual or strict the scenario. Regardless of which phrases we use, the key to it all is learning what makes you tick.  Then using it to my full advantage. Having that control is what makes me tick. There’s nothing quite like having a man wrapped around my delicate little finger.  Even if your dick isn’t much bigger than said finger 😉

You’re not going to be the man who fucks me until you’ve heard every curse word in the book.  Nor the man who helps break in my new mattress. We both know this. But what you can be is the man who learns to please a woman with what you’ve naturally been given. And no, I am so obviously not talking about your pindick. I’m talking about your weakness.  Your need to please, and your need to be wanted.

A Sensual Humiliatrix Knows Exactly What You Need

My pussy will never ache for what you have between your legs. But I will get incredibly turned on by sensually teasing you, humiliating you.  And having you beg me for more, as your voice gets all cute and squeaky to my absolute delight. I’ll be gentle with you.  Not only because you need me to be, but because the sweeter I am, the more room there is to seduce you into becoming my perfect, tiny dicked boy toy along the way.

There’s no need to be scared. But there are many delightfully humiliating pleasures to explore. A Sensual Humiliatrix knows exactly what you and your pindick need. Likewise, soon enough, you’ll have figured it out, too. There’s no more denying it. Because why else would you be throbbing in your pants right now?


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