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There is no way you can fool me. It is easy for me to tell by the sound of your voice.You lack confidence, assertiveness and of course, masculinity.There is a submissive aura around you that is so easy to spot. You lack penile endowment. Yeah, I said it! You are here because you want from me what every other man like you has grown accustomed to. Small penis humiliation. Whether you have a boring, average size dick or a miniscule toy-like, Vienna sausage prick , it is all the same to me. SMALL, unimpressive, insignificant and worthy of my humiliation.

Don't think for one minute that I feel sorry for you. Pity is never a good thing. Little men like you are for my entertainment. I am positive that you realized how amusing this whole situation was the first time a girl giggled about your pinky-size pecker. Let me reiterate or paraphrase what she probably said, "you can look at me and jerk off because you will never have me!" . Did I get close? I am sure she said something to that effect.

I want to impress upon you just how small you are. There are finger foods bigger than you. Okay, tiny things are cute, but not so useful. But you do know how to be useful to me in one way, don't you? Right. You guessed it, as my tongue slave. A shrimp dick fellow like you must have mastered oral skills. Oh, I knew it. Then you will be perfectly happy eating sloppy-seconds pussy. That is the only way for you to get a woman, period. I know I don't have to ask. Be ready. Naked, on your knees with that pin dick in your hand!


Pin Dick Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex (800) 601-6975



Why Do You Crave Small Penis Humiliation?

by Mistress Olivia of


Let’s talk about small penises coupled with small penis humiliation. Do you worry about the size of your penis?  Furthermore, maybe you already know you don’t measure up. Did something happen that made you realize that you are different?  Inadequate feelings can grow into a surprisingly wonderful small penis humiliation fetish.


How Small Is a Small Penis?


Average penis size is about 5 to 6 inches.  A small penis is less than 5 inches. A micro penis is 2.5 inches or less.  You don’t have to measure in inches. For example, go compare yourself against small objects like a deck of cards, a toilet paper tube. a pinky finger, or even a Chapstick. How small are you? 

If you have a pindick, that comparison has you rock hard.  When you love to be teased, taunted and tormented about your little cock, you’re in the right place. 


What Does She Really Think About Your Penis?


Penis size does matter, unquestionably.  If she loves you she might not want to hurt your feelings. She might say everything is fine but you know the truth, don’t you? You knew something bad was going to happen when she gasped the first time she saw your cock. Maybe she asked, “Are you in yet?”  Or, perhaps she said something like, “You should get really good at oral sex.”  These comments are confirmation of things you suspected or knew for quite some time.


Finding Out You Have a Pindick


How did you find out you are different?  Were you in a locker room and you looked around and realized other guys are much bigger?  Maybe you were fighting with your girlfriend when she yelled, “Your dick is worthless,” and you got a little stiffy.  Did you have a crush on a girl and she laughed when she saw your penis for the first time? We both know that she told all her girlfriends about your small size. The more they laughed the harder you got.  Sound familiar?


You Need a Small Penis Humiliation Mistress


Who can you talk to about your simultaneous humiliation, shame and arousal?  A Mistress understands your distress.  She might be sweet, sarcastic, sadistic or a combination of styles.  A Femdom knows how to use your arousal against you. Moreover, she will make you confess every humiliating experience, thought and fantasy.


Thrill Of Erotic Humiliation


She might start slowly, asking what happened and encouraging you to talk. As she finds out more about you, she gets into your head. She finds the words that really sting.  As the mindfuck gets more intense, you get more aroused. Before you know it you are on a physical, mental and emotional rollercoaster.


CFNM and Small Penis Humiliation


All her girlfriends know about your pindick.  This news is just too good not to share. They smirk when they look at you and laugh as you get more embarrassed around them. If you’re the only guy at an all girls party, I bet you’ll soon be naked and put on display for their amusement. Next thing you know, you’re addicted to CFNM ,  in addition to small penis humiliation.


She Puts You In Panties


Imagine being told that you are so small you don’t need all that extra material in your underwear. She puts you in panties and, sure enough, panties do feel much better! How do you feel when she says, “Wow you don’t even have a bulge. I can’t even tell you have a penis.”  If she laughs at how hard you get, then you know you’re staying in panties forever.


Submissive To a Femdom Or Alpha Male


It’s fun to dominate a guy with a teeny weenie. She knows she is the boss. What’s more, she has all the power in the relationship. You are lucky to be around this beautiful woman. What will happen? That’s the best thing about humiliation roleplays. Imagination can take you all sorts of places.


She Makes You a cuckold


Since you don’t measure up, it makes sense that she will cheat on you with a real man, obviously.  She certainly deserves sexual pleasure you can’t give her. There are many different types of cuckolds, too. How did you find out you are a cuckold, by the way?  What happened?


Sissy Humiliation


That cock is so small, it needs to be called a clitty. When you hear those words, you are well on your way to being a sissy. You might end up a sissy cuckold. This can get very intense especially when you are told to submit to an Alpha male. Do you become his little bitch while you suck his cock?


What Happens To You?


That’s what we’ll both find out when you call one of the women who love to tease guys with little dicks.  Are you ready?  If reading this made you aroused, then just imagine how you’ll feel hearing a sexy woman say all these things.


Give one of our Small Penis Humiliation Mistresses a call, today!