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Hey there! I have a question for you. Do you have a small penis? Of course, I already know the answer. If you're reading my PinDick profile you probably do. I have another question for you. Do you believe that size doesn't matter? If you believe that, you are completely incorrect. Size does matter. It actually matters a great deal to us women.

Maybe no one has told you the truth. Or, most likely, you've endured the giggles upon first glance of your little nub and your girl saying something like, "oh, it's so cute!" Worse, you've seen that look of disappointment over and over again. Still think size doesn't matter?

If you're really honest with yourself, you've realized that being told bluntly that you have a small dick actually excites you. And that you actually crave being humiliated for it. If that's the case, you've come to the right place.

I bet you've told yourself that your expert oral skills or use of toys compensate for your lack of an adequate cock. You are again incorrect. No amount of oral sex or toys can come even close to the feeling of satisfaction that a woman gets from a big, thick cock sliding into her. Nothing you can offer compares to that.

Now that we both understand that, I have another dose of reality for you. You need small penis humiliation from a dominant, sexy Mistress who would never let you get anywhere near her with your tiny little dick. I will tell you the truth. I will remind you over and over how pathetically disappointing your miniature penis is and how you are completely incapable of satisfying a woman with it.

Maybe I'll have you send pictures of it or better yet, have you show it to me on Skype and I will point and laugh at your obvious inadequacy. Then I'll have you stroke it for me. Just two fingers, though! That's all you need for your pitiful little dicklette.

Of course, all of this will excite you like never before and your little pin dick will be rock hard and dripping. You will cum knowing the truth - that you will never be able to truly satisfy a woman like a real man can. And you will have resigned yourself to the fact that your best orgasms will now come from being humiliated for your sad little excuse for a phallus.

So, give me a call now for the best small penis humiliation you've ever had. And really, I just need a good laugh!



Pin Dick Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex (800) 601-6975


Why I Love Being an SPH Mistress

by Ms. KayMarie of


Why I love being an SPH Mistress is pretty straight forward.  It is simply who I am. I never intentionally set out to be one. I didn’t get special training or take a class.  Being an SPH Mistress is who I am, the same way having a small penis is who you are. It is how we were made. Although it is my “job” as an SPH Mistress to humiliate you and I am naturally very good at it, what I love about being an SPH Mistress is ~ I enjoy it.

Laughing at or enjoying the humiliation of someone with a small penis is not an effort for me. I genuinely find a small dick funny. I am not being mean ~ I am being honest. I always say, “Dicks ares one of two things. Laughable or fuckable.” I love to hear someone say to me, “I want you to humiliate me.”

More often than not, I know it is small penis humiliation they want, but I ask anyways. It isn’t enough to hear someone say their penis is small. I want to know how small. I’ll ask when did they find figure out that their penis was small. Then I ask, how much is it  turning them on just telling me about those things. I love being a SPH Mistress so much because I enjoy those conversations. I want all the details.


Why You Want an SPH Mistress for Small Penis Humiliation


Why would you want an SPH Mistress? To be blunt, so you have someone to tell.  The first time you were turned on by small penis humiliation might have confused you. Was it the first time you saw other guys’ dicks and realized how much bigger they were compared to you?  Even the “average guys” were way bigger.  Did you like it when a girl asked you, during sex, if your dick was even in yet?

Did someone laugh at you and say, “I’ve never seen such a small penis” and you nearly came. Regardless of the circumstances, when it happened, you got turned on. You enjoyed the humiliation and you enjoy talking about it. That is why you don’t just want but you need an SPH Mistress. You need someone who understands that about you.  An SPH Mistress not only understands that about you but likes that about you.

The only enjoyment that anyone else gets from your small penis is a good laugh, so take it as a win when you hear the laughter. A SPH Mistress is the only one who will ever want you for your small penis.


Small Penis Humiliation 


The best part of small penis humiliation is that it takes something ~ a small penis ~ that is not enjoyable or useful to anyone and makes it enjoyable and useful to everyone. As woman with standards, your small penis does nothing for me traditionally speaking. I would not fuck you. I would not suck your dick. However, as an SPH Mistress, your small penis entertains me and makes me laugh. Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh?

You have accepted your small penis is only good for entertainment and laughter. But what you love is how much the humiliation excites you. So you seek out someone who understands how much you crave and need it. When I ask questions about how small you are it is like foreplay. You get hard as you see me smile as you tell me no woman has ever had sex with you more than once.  The small penis humiliation is the sex between you and an SPH Mistress.

I love being an SPH Mistress because small penis humiliation is fun to me. Even more so, I know it is fun for you as well. What is there not to love about that?