45 Things You Say to Humiliate a Pindick


I love to humiliate pindick guys! I would say that about 99% of our pindick pets know they have a small cock, and they know they deserve to be teased and humiliated about it. Of course that means that there’s 1% who are actually proud of their lack of endowment.

They might say things like, “hey, I have the perfect cock for anal!” The best to that is, “yeah, but do you actually get any ass? I’m thinking not…well, maybe sissy ass!”


So, for the 99% majority, here’s 45 things you need to hear about your Pindick:


1. Oh, it’s so cute! Like an oversized clit!
2. I really feel sorry for you, it’s like a disability or something!
3. Oh, come on, it’s ok! It’s not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean, right? (Wrong! No one believes this, because size does matters!)
4. I have seen bigger clits to be honest!
5. What if we just cuddle a bit instead?
6. You know there’s an operation…
7. It is much more fun to look at than if it was normal size! (ok, it’s funnier to look at, not more fun!)
8. Can I draw a smiley on it? (Can you draw things that small?)
9. Well your feet are really big! I only just noticed it…(you know what they say about guys with big feet? They swim faster! Hmmm…I wonder what that says about Michael Phelps….)
10. My last partner was at least 6 inches longer! (at least, that’s what I’d say, being a size queen and all)
11. Look, there’s an inch worm on your thigh!!!
12. Does it squeal if I squeeze it? (no, but I bet he will, just like a sissy!)
13. Oh, I’m sorry, I have a headache today…and I’ll have one tomorrow…and the next day….
14. (I don’t say anything. I just giggle and point my finger.)
15. Can I be honest with you? Your dick is too small. (I’ve always said, honesty is the best policy!)
16. Deep throat?!? Honey it won’t even reach the back of my tongue! (Would that be shallow mouth?)
17. Just a second, I have to get the tweezers…
18. How lovely, you brought a mostly used incense stick! (Ewww! Who wants a dick-scented incense stick?)
19. This explains your huge car.
20. Apparently you haven’t stopped growing yet…and you said you were a shower!?!?
21. Is that it?
22. Oh thanks, I really need a toothpick! (You don’t really think it’s going to end up in her mouth, do you?)
23. Look, I can easily put it in my mouth! (Look above, do you think it’s actually going in my mouth either?)
24. I never knew it could be so small!
25. What did God punish you for?
26. At least it won’t take long… (Nope, just long enough to show you the door!)
27. Let’s just hold hands…
28. Oh! That’s interesting…
29. It’s like a penis, only smaller!
30. Is it in yet? Ohhh it is????
31. Does it even work?
32. Are you on steroids because I heard they shrink your dick?
33. I heard that excessive masturbation shortens the penis! (Cock Control isn’t going to make it grow, sadly)
34. Maybe it’s the lighting…?
35. I think I have a dildo in my drawer! (I’m lying. I’ve met so many of you pindicks, I have a whole mess of dildos in my drawer. And I bet one of them is going to be up your ass before the night is over!)
36. What if we just skipped the action and lite a cigarette instead?
37. Tell me when you’re done…
38. Oh, I didn’t know you had an accident…
39. Oh look, it’s hiding!
40. Are you cold?
41. Only, if you get me drunk enough…
42. Is this an optical illusion?
43. Does it run in the family?
45. It’s good you have so many other talents! And, after we lock that dick up in my extra tiny chastity cage, we’ll find out what those talents are!


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